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The Ever Popular Annual Ladybug Bazaar

Why is the Ladybug Bazaar so popular?  With 186 spaces in two gyms and a mezzanine there is room for a wide variety of merchandise and still maintain wide aisles for ease of shopping! All wares are handcrafted by local artisans! Commercial booths are not allowed! There is a place to relax and have a snack or two! For years the Ladybug Bazaar has been a social event, a place to meet old friends! Guys enjoy the bazaar too!

When is the next bazaar?  First Saturday in November: Nov. 2, 2013.

Time? 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Place? The two-gym complex at Battle Ground High School, plus an upstairs mezzanine in the larger gym. The main parking lot is off S. Parkway Ave. Watch for the Ladybug Bazaar signs in downtown Battle Ground.

No admission charge. Suggested donation: Canned or packaged food or money to buy food for the North County Community Food Bank.

Are there restrictions for shoppers?

    Yes, for the safety of small children and strollers are admitted into the shopping areas. However, strollers may be parked in a designated place in the foyer. Shoppers appreciate this restriction.

    To protect the gym floor surfaces, no liquids or foods are allowed in the gyms. It is suggested to vendors that they provide relief persons to be able to occasionally leave their tables. There is a room set aside to be used only by vendors for relaxation and to have snacks.

What is the background of the Ladybug Bazaar?

Starting as a small bazaar of 12 tables in the basement of the Odd Fellows Hall in 1967, the event has over the years grown in size and prestige. It is currently one of the largest non-commercial bazaars in Southwest Washington. The quality of the merchandise offered to the public is superb. The bazaar supports only vendors who live in Clark County, Washington.

What are the purposes of the Ladybug Bazaar?

The Ladybug Bazaar has two missions: First to provide a venue for quality handcrafted items by local artisans, and second to provide profits to the club which are used to carry out service to the community. The Ladybug Bazaar is the main fundraiser for GFWC - Battle Ground. Among the projects the bazaar supports are scholarships, assistance to the women’s shelter in Vancouver, the food bank, the float Battle Ground enters in the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade and many other community projects including support of the Veteran’s Memorial monument project headed up by the Parks Foundation.

How does the club make money from the Ladybug Bazaar?

The club rents the gym complex from Battle Ground High School, arranges for tables from a party supply company, then rents out tables and spaces to artisan vendors. Vendors pay NO percentage to the club.

How much does it cost vendors to rent a space at the Ladybug Bazaar?

Rental prices are according to the size of space and location within the gyms. Currently, spaces rent from $55 to $70 each.

If I want to rent a space at the Ladybug Bazaar, how soon can I get a space?

Because of its popularity, the bazaar maintains a waiting list. It takes about two years to get to the top of the list.

How do I find out more

about participating in the Ladybug Bazaar?

To inquire about a vendor space or to get on the waiting list, please send a request letter telling us about your handcrafted item(s) to:

GFWC Battle Ground

P.O. Box 871

Battle Ground, WA 98604

The Ladybug Bazaar, held on the first Saturday in November each year, is the oldest large bazaar in Southwest Washington. GFWC has been sponsoring the bazaar since 1967. Through the years bazaar profits have made many community service projects possible. You can “spot” GFWC members at the bazaar by the ladybug vests they wear.

Shoppers line up early to get into the Battle Ground High School gym complex at 9 a.m. sharp! However, vendors bring enough “good stuff” to last the day, so arriving early is not necessary. Bent on being first, these early birds showed up at 8:15.

More than 185 vendor spots in two connecting gyms plus a mezzanine in the larger gym presented shoppers a huge variety of handcrafted wares this year.  Although there are many “booths,” the aisles are wide enough for comfortable shopping and vendors enjoy having “elbow room.” This view is from the mezzanine of the larger of the two gyms.

The day begins with empty gyms but it only takes a couple of hours to be filled with fantastic creations!

Hats! Jewelry! Gifts of all Kinds! 
Here are just a few examples . . .
New items and old favorites will appear in 2013!

Vendor Notes

   A much asked question from prospective vendors is, “Will there be room for me at the next Ladybug Bazaar?” The answer is “no,” but vendors can sign up to be on a waiting list. Traditionally, it has taken about two years after signup to actually be in the bazaar.

    If you are an interested vendor, please write to: GFWC-Battle Ground, P.O. Box 871, Battle Ground, WA 98604. Include your name, address, phone number and the type of handmade items you have for sale. Someone will get back to you.

    Remember, artisans are to be only from Clark County and all items must be hand-crafted. Shoppers do not come to the Ladybug Bazaar to purchase commercially-made merchandise. They appreciate your talent and dedication to your craft.

Shoppers donated $1,277 in food value and cash to purchase food to help feed needy families through the services of the North County Community Food Bank.

The Battle Ground High School Jazz Choir provided hours of holiday music to add to the festive atmosphere.

Many vendors have already renewed their contracts for the 2013 bazaar! Shoppers are already saying, “Next year, I’m going to get one of those [insert your favorite item here]!” GFWC members are preparing to spend bazaar profits on scholarships, awareness and prevention of domestic violence (GFWC’s signature project) and many other projects that help improve our community.

Shoppers line up for the 9 a.m. opening by standing under the covered walkway between the high school classroom building and the gym complex.

Club member Bonnie sells drawing tickets on a quilt she made to benefit the Veterans’ Memorial monument to be built in Kiwanis Park under the direction of the BG City Parks Department.

GFWC members, Marla and Mary Lee, were among those who sold shopping bags for the benefit of the Veterans’ Memorial project.

This shopper was thrilled to find a turkey with personality for Thanksgiving decor!

Sat., Nov. 2 - 2013