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Boxes and bags of school supplies were taken to the Battle Ground Education Foundation office on the district’s Lewisville campus by GFWC-Battle Ground members. Standing are Ginger, president Mary Lee, Nancy, Johanna and Linda. In front are Marla, Paulette and Valerie. Not pictured is Cindi Pike, member photographer.

The club’s school supply collection barely fit in the back of Cindi's pickup truck. “Showing off” the club's success are Johanna, Ginger, Mary Lee, Paulette, Valerie and Linda.

School supplies tallied

     GFWC-Battle Ground brought 5,261 school supply items to the Battle Ground Education Foundation office on Tuesday, August 17. Among the 23 kinds of donations were 738 pens, 515 rulers and 388 pencil sharpeners. In addition, $200 was donated to apply to possible shortfalls. The women’s service club had been amassing the collection for months to provide supplies for students in need in time for school start-up in September.

     The stash will be distributed throughout the year by the Family and Community Resource Center, an arm of the BGeF. The center’s coordinator Lydia Sanders complimented the club by saying, “I think it's safe to say we'll be good on school supplies for the next couple of years thanks to your and so many others' donations!!!” She added,

“Between your donations and volunteering your time you have helped in monumental ways to make sure that all students in BGPS will have what they need to start school this year!”

It was all about PURPLE

     To put the spotlight on October as the national "Domestic Violence Awareness Month, several members dug through their closets to find something purple to wear to the October 14 club meeting. Purple is the chosen color for DM. Paulette Stinson (club member and Columbia District President) could find nothing in her wardrobe so, instead, she painted her fingernails purple.

     Program for the meeting was given by member Wendy McDaniel who presented a power point overview of how to report, when to report and the importance of reporting. She urged all members to track their volunteer hours and dollars spent on club activities.

Posing in purple are Wendy McDaniel, Johanna Hyatt, Louise Tucker, Ginger Crabtree, Marla Polos, Paulette Stinson, Club President Mary Lee Miller and Mary Eastman.

Travel tips shared

   Member Ginger Crabtree shared a comprehensive list if traveling tips at the October 28 meeting. Among  practical topics were safety, money handling and packing to make any trip more enjoyable. A handout accompanied her presentation.

   While living in England, she purchased this big lovable handmade dog from a lady at a local Christmas bazaar. "Yogi Dogi" is the "spitten image" of a black labrador-retriever mix she had previously owned for 16 years. She has had this one for 22 years.

   Ginger has visited 64 countries on 6 continents and has mde reservations for more tours.

Some of the variety of handmade treasures Ginger has collected in her travels: weavings, pottery, textiles, wooden boxes, laces, dolls.

   Below is a three-panel display of the 253 souvenir magnets she has collected since 1998.

Birthday Bag project continues

   Chairman of Advocacy for Children, Mary Eastman, was in charge of the October 28th in-club drive for additional components for "birthday bags." The result was three totes of cake mixes, frosting, sprinkles and candles; enough to furnish birthday bags for the rest of the club year.

     A total of 130 bags have been assembled from October 2020 through October 2021. Half have been distributed by the local food bank and half through the Family Community Resource Center, an arm of the Battle Ground Education Foundation.

   Seated in the front row are guest speaker Muntean, Louise Tucker (because she wore a flag sweater), Doddie and Diamond.

   In the back row, all colorfully dressed for the special day were Darlene Angelatos (club visitor), Cindi Pike, Johanna Hyatt, Wendy McDaniel, Linda Bendall, Mary Eastman, Gloria Walck, Ginger Crabtree, Gayle Martinson, Club President Mary Lee Miller and Paulette Stinson, member and Columbia District President. Not making it into the photo was the club’s big GFWC flag posted behind Eastman.

Veterans' Day Observed

     Veteran’s Day, originally called Armistice Day, is a federal holiday to honor all veterans.  It all began on November 11 in 1911 at 11:00 a.m. when the armistice was signed ending WWI. To show their gratitude to all veterans, GFWC-Battle Ground wore red, white and blue to their meeting which fell on Veterans’ Day this year.

     Their speaker was Ovie Muntean from a nonprofit organization which creates veteran/service dog “teams." To quote their mission, “Northwest Battle Buddies gifts professionally trained service dogs to veterans battling PTSD, helping them regain their freedom and independence.” There is a high rate of suicide among veterans. As a measure of the success of the NWBB program, not one of the 170 veterans who have been aided by this program has taken his or her life.  

     Muntean brought with him veteran Doddie and her service dog, Diamond, a golden lab. She related her triumph over PTSD with the steadfast help of her dog. To learn more visit their website: northwestbattlebuddies.org. You might like to make a personal donation.

Nancy hits 80-year milestone

     Nancy Lee was totally surprised when her sister and fellow club member, Gayle Martinson, greeted her at a local pizza parlor. Gayle and a third sister arranged the 80th birthday party for Nancy and Gayle's husband, Norm. Among the invited guests, sworn to secrecy, were GFWC members, family and friends.

     Left, Bill and Louise Tucker, club president Mary Lee Miller and vice-president Ginger Crabtree. Right, Nancy, showing one of the many gag gifts she received. Marla Polos took the photos.

Cards gathered at Christmas Party

     Besides enjoying good food and exchanging white elephant gifts (and stealing them), members brought used greeting cards. Not only will the cards be recycled into new creations, but their sales will benefit a working ranch for teens who have been abused.

     Showing the variety of cards collected are (back row) Johanna Hyatt, Mary Eastman, Marla Polos, Gayle Martinson, Nancy Lee, Gloria Walck (hostess), Bev Brissler and Mary Lee Miller. In the front are Cindi Pike, prospective member Darlene Angelatos, Wendy McDaniel, Linda Bendall, (center front) Paulette Stinson, Ginger Crabtree and (inset) photographer Louise Tucker.

LFL receives add-on

   With the help of GFWC husbands Dave Miller (builder) and Ray Zimmerman (installer), a new section of the club's Little Free Library was installed on December 15. The addition matches the original LFL decor and is dedicated to the shelving of children's books. The GFWC logo is proudly displayed on both sections.

   Showing the new unit's books are president Mary Lee Miller and Johanna Hyatt who maintains the inventory. Dave and Ray, far right, admire the fiinished mini-library. The library has enjoyed a great deal of activity -- take a book; leave a book. A roof over their heads and a gravel floor under their feet, make the location inviting and comfortable for readers.

Slow stitching demonstrated 1/13/2022

   Johanna Hyatt, club member, showed the rest of the club her take on slow stitching, an activity that employs mindfullness. It's all about concentrating exclusively on hand-stitching bits of fabric together until the stitching drives out any other concerns. The goal is to focus only on the running stitches, leaving the brain no room for worrying, fretting and other life pressures.

   The "finished" pieces need not "be" anything. They are simple fabric swatches in a variety of shapes, patterns and colors. Slow stitching is practiced in many cultures besides the USA.

Members make cards for a nonprofit to give to patients to give to loved ones

  Sounds complicated, but it is all about networking. Patients in hospitals and longterm care facilities often feel as though they are continually on the receiving end of love and have nothing to give in return. Members made cheerful cards for patients to give to their loved ones. To provide a conduit between the club and various kinds of patients, the handcrafted cards were donated to a nonprofit with connections to many health care facilities.

Wendy McDaniels, left, spearheaded the project and instructed the other members in their card-making. She also provided all the patterns and materials.

  Others in the photos are Ginger Crabtree, Leese Pohl and Gloria Walck.

New member initiated

Darlene Angelato, GFWC's newest member was initiated by the club's membership chairman, Louise Tucker, at the February 10th meeting. As a new member, Darlene received a membership kit of GFWC resource information, a club flower and a happy hour goblet as a remindher that it's always a happy hour when partiipating in GFWC community service projects.

Club members pledged to mentor Darlene, listen to her ideas, and give her their friendship.

Club shows awareness of Heart Month

Eleven members of GFWC-Battle Ground wore red to the February 10th meeting to show they were aware that February is Heart Health Awareness Month. It is asso Love Your Library Month. Both recognitions are important to the club. Among those in the photo are Leese Pohl, Louise Tucker, Wendy McDaniel, Paulette Stinson, Darlene Angelato, Johanna Hyatt, Ginger Crabtree, Mary Lee Miller, Ciindi Pike, Gloria Walck and Nancy Lee.

     Lydia Sanders, director of the school district's Family and Community Resource Center, gave a program update of ways her staff uses to help students and families break away from difficult and seemingly hopeless life patterns.

    Off the job, she mentors women with low self-esteem through a one-on one "Women Who Win" model she is developing.

Lydia explains services of F&CRC

Cindi Pike, Johanna Hyatt and Darlene Angelato made this quilt for former scholarship winner, Kylie Sahota, whose father, Vancouver Police officer, Donald Sahota, recently lost his life during a criminal investigation.

Handmade quilt given

Book bags given to preschool as 'Read Across America' project

     At the left are club president, Mary Lee with Johanna, Marla and Darlene. They gathered at the club's Little Free Library to collect the bags and insert books in each one. Who was the happiest? The givers or the receivers?

     Several of our members sewed fabric book bags for over  50 preschoolers at our meeting location, Prince of Peace Church, in celebration of Read Across America week! Bag fabric designs were  selected to be attractive to children. An age-appropriate book was included in each bag. GFWC-BG strongly supports literacy for children of all ages. These photos show the youngsters' delight!

WOW! Did we have fun, or what? St. Patrick would approve!

Green garb - Green food - Purse exchange - Donations - Library update

The afternoon meeting began with a power point presentation by Holland Christie, Battle Ground Community Library's manager, who opened the digital doors to new, exciting services available to patrons throughout the library district.

  Her staff is helpful in assisting anyone wishing to learn how to navigate the district's website.

Green, green, green. Everyone wore green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Irish or not! Front to back: Louise, Marla, Nancy; Gloria, Paulette, Johanna, Ginger; Mary Lee, (guest) Karen, Wendy; Darlene, Cindi; Leese.

Sharin' O' the Greens. Members brought 275 lbs. of foods, all green or packaged in green. Ginger Crabtree's SUV could barely haul it all to the Battle Ground Food Bank. The estimated value was $550. The director welcomed the green food with enthusiasm. Also, Darlene Angelinos donated 16 hand-sewn cloth shopping bags.

'New' Purses for us - 'New stuffed' purses for other women

Wendy McDaniel and Paulette Stinson admire these finds. Even a Coach was among the donations!

Johanna Hyatt surveys purse options of color, texture and size before making a choice.  Over 65 were taken to the center.

Leese Pohl, chairman of the purse project, and Paulette Stinson load up the two heavy totes packed tightly with stuffed purses, (most of the donated supply) for delivery to the Family &   Community Resource Center.

After members picked out their favorite purses, the ones left were stuffed with hundreds of personal item also donated by members. Cindi Price views the variety.

Members started going through their closets a few months ago to bring  unused to meetings. On March 10,  78 purses, fanny packs, wallets and tote bags were spread out on two long benches by Chairman Leese Pohl. Members could take as many purses as they wanted. Total estimated value of all bags was $475. After everyone set aside their choices, they began filling the remaining purses with hundreds of personal items such as tissue, lotions, perfume and emergency items donated by members. Leese hauled two huge, heavy totes of stuffed purses to the resource center for distribution to job-hunting women or women who had been experiencing domestic abuse and needed a "pick me up."

Pinwheels Bring Attention to Child Abuse Prevention, Burma Shave Style

    All done! With eight members on board, the job was completed in a half-hour. This is the fourth year the clubwomen have planted their garden on the lawn of the church where they meet, an appropite location for two reasons; (1), the church offers a preschool and (2), the location is on a busy avenue. As drivers turn a corner to head for home after a a grueling workday, the garden is in clear view. Perhaps they will think of their own children's   safety.

    Gardeners are, back to front: Mary Lee Miller, Paulette Stinson, Karen Mortensen, Mary Eastman, Gloria Walck, Wendy McDaniel and Linda Bendall. Photographer, Louise Tucker.

April 14: A Winning Dog - A Visitor From Japan - A Comfort Quilt


Left: Member Cindi acquainted us with her champion show dog, Trouper. Not only is he a winner of trophies, but he won the hearts of the members as he circled the room with his affection. Cindi shared highlights of her life as a show dog's "mother."

Above: Junko, visiting from Japan, told about her town and how she developed a deep friendship with member Leese. When Junko visits Leese, she always hopes to attend a GFWC meeting. Refreshments included Japanese cookies and candies.

Ginger and Johanna display the comfort quilt which member and avid quilter, Darlene, made for Rebecca, a former club scholarship winner who has been suffering from a persistent neurological disorder.

Pinwheels for Prevention is a partner organization of GFWC, International.






In Olympia

April 21-24

GFWC Columbia District president Paulette Stinson played the role of "Happy" in a membership building skit based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Linda Butcher, on the upcoming state board of directors, wore her WINGS, the theme for the next two years under the leadership of newly installed president, Susan Tyler.

Among those attending were Louise Tucker, Bonnie Walden (past state president and first president of the Battle Ground club), Paulette Stinson (club secretary and district president) and Johanna Hyatt (incoming club president). The banner above shows the full meaning of WINGS, the state president's motto.

The club was recognized by GFWC Washington State for its community service  since 1972. The club is well-known for organizing the Ladybug Bazaar, enjoyed by craftsmen and shoppers alike. The plan is to hold the next bazaar on the first Saturday in November this fall.

Club celebrates golden anniversary at 'black tie' affair

Looking over memorabilia brought by members to the celebration are Joyce Lewis, Bonnie Walden, Mary Lee Miller and Louise Tucker. Bonnie was the club's first president and went on to be the three-county district president, state president, eleven-state regional president and served the international president as her official hostess for two years. Mary Lee is the current club president. Louise was the second club president, district president and served as chairman of various state committees. Joyce, Bonnie and Louise were charter members of the club. GFWC headquarters is in Washington D. C. Louise gave an overview of the club's history.

The anniversary cake featured balloons in the club color, which happens to be gold.

Special guest was Kylie DaCunha, the 2018 winner of the club's scholarship. She is the community engagement Specialist for Columbia Springs and the Vancouver Trout Hatchery. She finds it rewarding to inspire visitors to learn about the natural world at the free, 100 acre, local park.

Cutting the cake was Mary Lee, president, and Paulette Stinson, secretary. Paulette is also GFWC Columbia District president.

At the May 12 club meeting, Ellie Durgarian received official documentation for the $6,500 in GFWC scholarships from chairman Leese Pohl. On the left is Durgarian’s mother, Renee, and on the right is Mary Lee Miller, club president. Three scholarships were awarded: $1,500 from the club, $4,000 from GFWC-WS and $1,000 from the GFWC-WS Kathy Estep Memorial.

Mary Lee Miller fans the 17 questions asked of Louise Tucker, local historian and GFWC member, who presented a Q & A about places and facts in Battle Ground history.

Initiate Karen Mortensen was welcomed with a "girly goblet" to hold the libation of her choice while "living the volunteer spirit." She is the club's newest "Girl Friend Who Cares."

• Scholarship Awards • Local History • New Member Induction

June 9th meeting - End of club year - Celebration time!

Outgoing president, Mary Lee Miller, gave an annual report, a rundown of the year's activities.

Marsha Gregor, left, was initiated into club membership by chairman Louise Tucker. Besides a club flower, Marsha received a club yearbook, GFWC pin and a goblet because its a "happy hour" when volunteering.

Mary Lee Miller, left, received a beautiful handmade quilt for her two years of service as club president. Quilt top was created by Johanna Hyatt, incoming president.

Johanna Hyatt, incoming president, receives the club gavel and president's pin from Mary Lee Miller, outgoing president.

Paulette Stinson, left, GFWC Columbia District President, performed an installation ceremony based on a garden of flowers.

   Next to Paulette is Mary Lee (observer), Treasurer Ginger Crabtree, Secretary Darlene Angelatos, Vice-president Leese Pohl and President Johanna Hyatt.

   Mary Lee gave each outgoing officer a  "ladybug-themed" token of appreciation.

The Summer Coffee Club

Each Wednesday morning at 9 a.m., members have the opportunity to get together at Kiwanis Park. Members bring the beverage of their choice and President Johanna Hyatt brings baked treats. On July 20, the group attached tags to the pinwheels that will be given to kiddos at National Night Out on August 2nd. The tags say "Pinwheels are a reminder that all kids deserve a happy childhood." This ties in to the NNO theme, "Prevent Together."

In the photo are Gloria, Paulette, Darlene, Johanna, Mary Lee and Cindi. Louise was behind the camera.

GFWC-Battlle Ground signed up for booth space among over 25 other organizations and agencies at the city’s annual National Night Out on Aug, 2. Within the overall theme, "Together Prevent,” it was the perfect venue for club members to hand out free pinwheels to tell families that “Every Child Deserves a  Childhood Without Abuse” and instructions on the use of the universal domestic violence secret hand signal. The GFWC flag and membership materials were also in place. In the photos are Wendy McDaniels and Paulette Stinson and several recipients of pinwheels.

-- Club joins BG's National Night Out Tuesday, Aug. 2 --

GFWC-Battle Ground members "Stuffed the Bus" as volunteers to assist the Battle Ground Education Foundation gather a multitude of school supplies to share with disadvantaged students.

In the photo are Johanna Hyatt, Karen Mortensen and Darlene Angelatos. Other members also helped. Over 40 boxes of school supplies in addition to filled bags, backpacks, and $600 in cash donations were given.

So all kids start school with supplies

This ad is now appearing on all six screens at Battle Ground Cinema through October.

Getting ready

for the 2022

Ladybug Bazaar


Preparing for the annual Ladybug Bazaar is a year around effort. This bazaar, Nov. 5, is challenging after two years of cancellations due to Covid. There will be 191 spaces rented to Clark County vendors hawking their crafts. If participants fail to show up, there is a list of dozens of "wannabes" prepared to step in.

Members jazzed up 200 brown paper bags they will offer to shoppers. Shown here are five of  the ten decorators who pitched in after the Sept. 8th meeting: Gloria Walck, bazaar chairman; Nancy Lee; Gayle Martinsen; Marla Polos and Winnie Martin.

From Battle Ground to Yakima - GFWC stays connected

Education Foundation cuts ribbon on renovation and expanded headquarters

W-A-A-A-Y in the back, amid the confetti, were GFWC members Mary Lee Miller, Johanna Hyatt and Louise Tucker celebrating the upgraded quarters of the BGEF office and distribution center in the former Lewisville Middle School. The event took place on Sept. 22.

Yakima was the site of the GFWC-WS Fall Board Meeting in Yakima Sept. 23-25. State leaders hostessed GFWC guest speaker Wendy Carriker. Wendy, third from left, is first vice-president of the international organization.

Others in the photo are Susan Tyler, Nancy Jones, Kim Skagin, Pinkie Eggleston, Kathie Jorgensen and Cindy Bassage.

Char Lysne, left, former member of GFWC-Battle Ground, now lives in Olympia and hand-crafted these "suitcase" table favors. Johanna Hyatt was Battle Ground's delegate.

A presentation showed how to use the member portal to the GFWC website.

Members Wear Purple for Awareness of Domestic Violence Prevention Month

Ten members answered President Johanna's call to "wear purple" at the October 13 GFWC-Battle Ground meeting. Here, some women are giving the Domestic Violence Hand Signal that alerts others that they are trapped and need help.

Left to right are: Hyatt, Mary Lee Miller, Karen Mortensen, Leese Pohl, Cindi Pike, Louise Tucker, Gloria Walck, Gail Martinson, Ginger Crabtree and RuthAnne Lance.

What will the Family and Community Resource Center do with grocery-size cloth bags made by member Marsha Gregor? Stuff them with a variety of needed donations from club members for students and their families.

Here, Johanna Hyatt gives bags to Tyler, volunteer at the center.


An In-person Columbia District Fall Conference 10/15

Official installation of officers had been postponed because of the Covid interruption.

Officers installed by State President Susan Tyler are Vice-president Linda Harms, Secretary Wendy McDaniel, Treasurer Bonnie Walden, President Paulette Stinson and Tyler.

A meaningful 2020 Women's Suffrage skit was finally presented.  Actors who portrayed specific suffragettes, were Mary Lee Miller, Johanna Hyatt, Gloria Walck, Paulette Stinson and GFWC-WS president, Susan Tyler.

All four clubs in the district were represented and treated to elegant travel-motif decorations, a farmer's market, baskets to bid on, a 50-50 pot, and a luncheon of salads made from many recipes -- All hosted by GFWC-Battle Ground at a local church fellowship hall.

Six Brand New Ladybug Street Signs to point shoppers to the  BGHS gyms. They will be durable, even in the rain, The big day, Nov. 5, is upon us!

Several members got in the Halloween Spirit at the Oct. 27 meeting: Mary Lee, Johanna, Nancy, Mary, Queen-of-the-Witches Gloria and safari traveler Ginger.

Women's Health was the topic of speaker Cindi Pike, club member and retired RN. She stressed the importance of being one's own advocate when dealing with health issues.

She distributed various handouts addressing the most common diseases  women encounter and a checklist reminder of necessary maintenance tasks.

Left to right: non-member BG volunteer, Bev Jones, sold shopping for the benefit of the GFWC scholarship program; Battle Ground...In and Around, originally a GFWC-Battle Ground project, is only 84 books from a third printing sellout at the bazaar; Gloria Walck, general chairman of the bazaar, was named Ladybug Hero at the  Nov. 10 wrap-up meeting; Liz Cerveny, director of the North County Community Food Bank, was pleased that 614 pounds of food and $442 were donated at the bazaar. Thanks, shopers.

See the Ladybug Bazaar page under "What We Do" for more photos

2022 Ladybug Bazaar once again wows shoppers from Clark County and beyond, including GFWC's Washington State president and vice-president.

Party Time

December's Christmas party was attended by fourteen members who enjoyed a potluck of Hors d'oeuvre and dessert, an exchange of white elephants and friendship. Gloria Walck was the hostess with the mostest.

Pictured here are (left to right and front to back) Cindi Pike, Marsha Gregor, Leese Pohl, Johanna Hyatt, Ginger Crabtree, Gayle Martinson, Gloria Walck, Nancy Lee, Marla Polos, Louise Tucker, Paulette Stinson, Linda Bendall and Bev Brissler. Most women wore holiday attire.

By wearing blue this lineup is showing that January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Left to right are Mary, Mary Lee, Gloria, Louise, Wendy, Darlene, Johanna, Nancy, Ginger, Ruth Anne and Linda.

To kick off the new year, Mayor Philip Johnson was guest speaker. He reviewed the latest activity in each of the city's departments, providing an overall picture of growth challenges, finance and services.




This time around, club members wore threads in reds as a reminder that the first Friday in February is National Red Day as declared by heart health associations. The two ladies on the far left joined the club at this meeting. Welcome, Linda W. and Flo W.!

Senior Center Explained

At the January 26 meeting of GFWC-Battle Ground, Sharon Wodtke and Lori Lindberg, loyal supporters of the Battle Ground Senior Center, detailed the history and vitality of the nonprofit group. Activities offered include games such as pinochle, entertainment, speakers and lunches. Anyone over fifty years of age is eligible to take part.

Scarlett and Grandma Paulette Stinson work together to learn the iris card-folding craft. Paulette is the Columbia District president as well as an active club member of GFWC Battle Ground..

Talented club member, Wendy McDaniel, taught how to make "iris" greeting cards from strips of thin decorated paper. Working from the back of a cut out "window" in the shape of a bunny, the folded strips were taped in place. The end results were Easter cards to send to friends. The iris craft refers to the eye of a camera.

Linda Worden and Flo Rossmiller were initiated into the club with a formal ceremony by Louise Tucker, membership chairman. They received "members tool bags" containing a GFWC member pin, GFWC logo patch, a short history of the club, club profiles,  club, Ladybug Bazaar Member Handbook.

Full agenda at March 9

club meeting makes up for

February 23 cancelled

due to snow

Answering the plea

When the local food bank requested food donations, club members gathered "everything spudy" and delivered many pounds of fresh potatoes, and boxed potato meals, etc. to the agency. A similar potato drive was held last year to help celebrate St. Patrick's day. Several members here were wearing green under their warm coats. It was a breezy, chilly afternoon!

Have you read a good book to your kids or grandkids lately?

Drop by the Little Free Library,  (SW First Street, just east of S Parkway Avenue) to explore the latest in donated books.

The motto, "Take a book; leave a book"  helps keep the shelves stocked along with donations from the sponsoring woman's service club, GFWC Battle Ground.

The blue unit on the right, dedicated to children's books replaces an earlier one that had been damaged.

This Little Free Library is registered with  an organization that  encourages reading throughout the nation's communities.

Members trek to Kalama for Columbia District Spring Conference

Besides this row of silent auction baskets, there were baked goods, jams and other tidbits for those who like to shop. All profits helped stregthen the district treasury. At the right is state president-elect, Kim Skagen, who drew the lucky ticket in the 50-50 pot. Kim will become GFWC Washington State President at the state convention April 21-23 in Pasco.

A table of GFWC Battle Ground's cut-ups includes Linda Bendal, Mary Lee Miller, Gloria Walck and Ginger Crabtree.

Gloria Walck, chairman of Domestic Violence, announced winners, as did district chairmen Mary Lee Miller and Ginger Crabtree (standing in for Johanna Hyatt who was unable to attend).

Of the 12 topics of interest in GFWC, Battle Ground's club received three first place spots, four second place and one first place tie. Everyone was given a toy noisemaker to cheer on the winning clubs.

The conference was recorded by Secretary Wendy McDaniel, left, and chaired by Columbia District President Paulette Stinson, right. Both ladies are GFWC Battle Ground members as is Louise Tucker, parliamentary advisor.

Recent Snapshots from GFWC-Battle Ground

'Help Kids Grow Happily Without Abuse'

That's the "Burma Shave" type of message GFWC is spreading during the month of April to promote Domestic Violence Awareness.

Five members planted 108 pinwheels, the symbol of child abuse prevention, along busy 142nd Ave. The team consisted of chairman Paulette Stinson, Wendy McDaniel, Mary Lee Miller, Marla Polos and Louise Tuker.

Lasting Celebration!

On April 22, two members of GFWC Battle Ground in collaboration with members of the Battle Ground Lions Club planted five flowering Pacific Ninebark trees in a neighborhood park in Battle Ground. This all happened on Earth Day/Park Appreciation Day! The bareroot trees were purchased online from Clark Conservation District’s annual sale earlier in the year.  Another member protected the young trees on her shaded porch.  The total cost of the trees was $9.40!

The park chosen, Florence Robison Park North, was already being groomed by the Lions club and friends. They were pleased to have us plant our trees there on the edge of a pond inhabited by ducks. The trees will provide needed shade in the summer for the flock, in addition to oxygen offered by these native species.

This project is in line with the President’s program of native tree planting and neighborhood enhancement.  Further plantings have already been discussed, particularly bee-friendly and bird-friendly perennials.

On the left, Karen Mortensen points to the spot where the first tree is to be planted.

Lions' Club and GFWC members cooperate on planting job.

A quick glimpse of GFWC-Washington State Annual Convention, Pasco, April 20-23

Paulette Stinson, Columbia District president, honored four deceased members of district clubs at the traditional memorial service. Nancy Larson (far left), King County District president, and Bonnie Rail (center), Northeastern District president also participated. Names of deceased members were read as flowers were placed in a vase.

An example of the lasting friendships made possible by GFWC women is in this group. Those who shared memories were former state presidents, Betty McMaster, Bonnie Walden and Cheryl Holman. Paulette Stinson and Linda Butcher enjoy "catching up" at state meetings as well. Walden and Holman are former Battle Ground members. Stinson and Butcher have held a wide variety of state positions through the years.

Kira wins GFWC scholarship

     May 11 was a special day for Prairie High School student, Kira Caesar, winner of GFWC's local $1,500 Education Scholarship. She plans to study dietetics on her way to becoming a dietician and to ultimately assist people with food and weight challenges.     Pictured with her are grand-

mother, Grace Wetter, and mother, Marla Caesar. Kim  also received  5th place and $500 in the GFWC state scholarship contest.

In Memory of

Ginger Crabtree

1948 - 2023

Virginia "Ginger" Crabtree

GFWC Battle Ground

Member, Friend, Survivor

May Our Ginger Rest in Peace

Gifts of Books for All

     Featured at the April 13 meeting was an overview of the activities and resources of the Clark County Historical Museum in Vancouver. April Buzby, Outreach & Public Programs Manager, brought with her copies of the 2019 annual publication, Clark County History --  one for each member.

County's  historical  museum offers variety of programs

Karen Mortensen's car trunk was stuffed with plastic bags for the Battle Ground Food Bank.

Food Bank's

plea answered

     After learning that the local food bank was short of plastic bags for distribution of groceries to clients, club members collected bags of bags for that purpose. With many shoppers now opting to switch to reusable shopping bags, not as many plastic ones have been circulating.

Jenifer Dondero director of READ NW asked for volunteer readers to assist children who are not up to speed in reading proficiency. Several members are interested in participating.

"NEW OUTFITS" Member Leese Pohl went to a used clothing store in Japan with honorary club member, Junko. There, they purchased vintage kimonos for GFWC Battle Ground members Flo, Marsha, new member Sally, club president Johanna, secretary Darlene and Louise Tucker.

75 YEARS! for Camas-Washougal

Left, representing BG was Louise, Johanna, Mary Lee, Paulette and Linda.

Center, bring on the silver!

Right, bring on the brass! Betty, immediate past president, and Susan, current state president.

Also attending was Carlene, past GFWC international president and Martha, past state president.

Summer begins with officer installation, snack bag exchanges, brisk walks and morning treats

Most of last year's officers will serve again in 2023-24, except for Mary Lee, who was elected to fill the vacancy of treasurer. At the June 8 end-of -year casual meeting, members enjoyed the game of "stealing" brown paper bags containing  afternoon snacks. Summer gatherings will be held each Thursday with 9 a.m. one-mile walks followed by 9:30 coffee and home-baked pastries,  courtesy of President Johanna.

Pictured are: Gayle, Nancy, Marla, Gloria, Wendy, Mary, Mary Lee, Karen and Cindi.

Cindi and Johanna helped "Stuff the Bus" with back-to-school necessities for students August 27. Assisting the Battle Ground Education Foundation in collecting community donations has become an annual club project. The community has been very generous with their giving to ensure that student have the supplies they need. Collection sites were Walmart and Fred Meyer.

Students provided back-to-school needs

Paulette, Karen and Johanna prepare pinwheels to give to kids at National Night Out on August 1st. Pinwheels are a symbol of a child's joyful life without abuse, part of GFWC's emphasis on awareness and prevention of domestic violence.

Club has booth at city's summer safety event

Linda Gellings and Colleen O'Neal, longtime leaders in the Battle Ground Education Foundation, point to the type of live-saving equipment the organization is furnishing to school buildings throughout the district.  GFWC-Battle Ground's first meeting of the club year was an ideal time for the pair to review the many benefits to the community offered through BGEF. The GFWC club strongly supports the Family and Community Resource Center, which operates under the umbrella of BGEF.

The foundation is revving up to its fall fundraisers, including online and live auctions.

How can a year's work toward a booklet detailing the early history of Battle Ground Lake be squeezed into a tiny thumb drive? Louise Tucker, right, project chairman, hands the "magic" to Kendra  Laratta, owner of Ink Ability. Laratta will transform the prose and photos into a fifty-page, durably-bound booklet. . Watch for the booklet's availability to the public.

GFWC, women's community service club, begins year with printing of BG Lake history and review of BGEF's needed assistance to kids and their families.

   GFWC-Battle Ground continues to make "Birthday Bags" for the Family and Community Resource Center. Wendy McDaniel and Mary Eastman displayed the variety of products that will provide for happier birthdays for less fortunate children in three age groups.

   The club budgeted $50 for the Day of Service on September 30 to buy food that kids can use in their lunches. Paulette Stinson and Gloria Walck were the shoppers for the products. The local food bank will oversee the distribution. The club also gave the food bank a number of colorful handmake tote bags.

Speaker at GFWC's September 28 meeting was Master Composter, Pete Dubois, who told the group all about the benefits of composting as one way to recycle and at the same time have a positive effect on climate change. A simple compost pile or red worm composting can cut down Clark County's 44,000 tons of fruits and vegetables that end up in a landfill each year.

Composting workshops are offered. Go to the website of  Clark County Public Health.

BGEF gets help

These four GFWC-Battle Ground members pitched in to set up the Battle Ground Community Center in preparation for the annual BGEF dinner and live auction, "Destination Graduation"  fundraiser on October 7.

Left to right,  are Winnie Martin, Johanna Hyatt, Marla Polos and Gayle Martinson.

NAMI Servises Explained

On October 12 Kim Schneiderman, Executive Director of the Southwest Washington Region, of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), gave an enlightening overview of the services available for people with mental health issues and their families and friends. NAMI's goals are to educate, support,  advocate and spread awareness about mental health. She said, "It is important to treat persons dealing with mental health disorders with dignity and compassion."

To find out more go to: info@namiswwa.org or call (360) 695-2823.

BG sends delegation of 9 to Columbia District Conference

Above, standing, are club president Johanna Hyatt, Gayle Martinson, district vice president (and newest member in this club) Linda Harms, district secretary Wendy McDaniel, Nancy Lee, environment chairman Mary Lee Miller, and district president Paulette Stinson. Sitting are Winnie Martin and Marla Polos.

President Paulette ran the meeting with finesse and her leadership skills..

Mary Lee gave tips on caring for the environment.

Johanna enlightened with Education and Library information.

Linda, in red, is new to the GFWC-Battle Ground, but not to Columbia District for whom she has served as president. She ws initiated Oct. 26.

Sally, in black, sees joining a GFWC club as a way to help others. She was initiated on Nov. 9. The formal ceremony was given by club membership chairman, Louise.

Linda Harms and Sally Riser are club's newest members

Both women now have a complete member toolbox which includes an "everlasting" club flower (yellow carnation), a "girlie" goblet to remind her of GFWC friendship, a GFWC magnetic badge and club history paper. They already had a member yearbook, a GFWC member pin and Ladybug Bazaar  handbook.

Louise and Linda's friendship started when Linda's mother, Martha Smith, was the GFWC-Washington State president and Louise was her administrative secretary.

Club women continue   support of Fisher House

Club members sewed 30 tote bags from donated fabric, then filled them with a variety of personal needs such as lotions and shampoo and other traveling vet families might need.

On Nov. 9 Club president, Johanna, Columbia district president, Paulette, and new member, Sally, get ready to fill the totes.

Dawn, Fisher House receptionist, gratefully accepts the donation taken to the facility by Johanna on Nov. 10th.

Setting up



we go!

Here they come

"Nothing on it?," asks Marla, the bazaar's snack bar chairman and volunteer coordinator.

Prices are kept reasonable

Another successful Ladybug Bazaar! More info under "What We Do"

History book proves to be rousing success

Battle Ground Lake was not always a pristine state park. For over 50 years it was a lively resort that was frequented by local and regional residents. GFWC-Battle Ground voted to document those years of entertainment, good food, swimming lessons and all its other activities. Soon, with input from over 100 participants, the project morphed into a 50-page booklet. Although the original purpose was not to make money, it ended up being one.

A book-signing event was the introduction of the booklet to the community. The turnout was amazing to the book store owner as well as to the club members. Over 100 booklets were sold at the event and another 100 at the Ladybug Bazaar. Literary Leftovers, the site of the book-signing, continues to sell the books for the club. The book store is in the Wilco parking area, next to Old Town Burgers.

Christmas Party 2023! A time to celebrate! A time to get to better know club sisters! A time for sugar! A time for silly gifts!

(Upper left) Nineteen club members gathered for the annual Christmas party. This year Gloria Walck was the hostess at her lovely home.

Attending were (back row) Linda Harms, Marsha ..., Bev Brissler, Marla Polos, Nancy Lee, Linda Worden, Gayle Martinson, Leese Pohl, Johanna Hyatt and Mary Lee Miller. (Front row, on sofa) Louise Tucker, Joyce Lewis, ... Mary East.., Darlene A.., Karen Mortensen and Gloria Walck. (Sitting on floor) Paulette Stinson and Cindi Price.

(Upper right) What an array of yummies (and a few healthy items) were brought to the party.

Lots of variety in the "white elephant" gifts. Johanna opened the first one -- a flamingo dressed as Santa. Paulette is a little leary.

Mary Lee and Joyce share a joke and memory while Marsha and Darlene are entertained by Gloria's pup.

   Sharon Brown, president of the League of Women Voters Clark County, shared the mission of the group and the many ways in which citizens can receive information to be informed before an election.

   The group is vevy active in promoting registrations and informing voters about candidates and issues.

   Not all states offer  the ease of voting and assurance of accuracy that Washington state's election process puts forth.

   The group stages candidate forums, maintains detailed lists of candidates personalized to one's voting districts and provides contact information for anyone online by request.

   For more information go to https://lwvclarkcounty.org.

Members learn about elections from local LWV officer

Next Election:

Feb. 13

Battle Ground School District


On Jan. 11, Sammy Salgado, Waste Connections spokesperson,  enthusiastically reviewed which specific items can be recycled and which cannot. Items that cannot be recycled end up in the landfill.

She stressed the importance of observing the safety rules set forth by the company. Human hands sort the items as travel down a long conveyor belt. Anything sharp is a hazard to the workers.

She encouraged customers to go on their website to seek answers to any questions if unsure about how to recycle certain items. If going online does not seem clear, call the Waste Connections office for clarification.

Mary Lee Miller, Johanna Hyatt And Darlene Agelatos  delivered practical items for veterans' families to use when staying at the Fisher House in Vancouver. The house operates much like the Ronald McDonald House does for families with children with cancer. In addition,

Items included: 5 bed quilts, 48 K-cups, a $50 Fred Meyer gift card, $50 Wal-Mart card and 5 comfort bags. The box that appears to be donuts, really holds the K-cups! Not in the photo are "James,"  new director of the hospitality facility and "Calvin," who greeted the members at the door on Jan.12.

Also on that day, Darlene brought 58 quilted placemats to Meals on Wheels from the Clark County Quilters of which she is a member.

GFWC Serves Veterans with practical gifts

Waste? Recycle?

February presentations successful

At gatherings of Fairway Village and Daughters of Washington Pioneers, Louise Tucker told why and how the booklet, "Battle Ground Lake Before It Became a State Park," was published. Several books were purchased.


Next presentation:

Tues., March 5, 11 a.m.

Hockinson Community Center

"Senior Silver Social"


On Thursday afternoon, Feb. 8, the club's guest speaker was Laurie Hansen who told about the many types of scams out there using many techniques to get information from us that enables them to raid your financial assets.

She provided a folder with information on how to recognize scams and what can be done to nip them in the bug. Several members shared their experiences with scam encounters. identifying the scanners methods. The best advice: Don't open anything in emails that looks fishy.