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Gifts of Books for All

     Featured at the April 13 meeting was an overview of the activities and resources of the Clark County Historical Museum in Vancouver. April Buzby, Outreach & Public Programs Manager, brought with her copies of the 2019 annual publication, Clark County History --  one for each member.

County's  historical  museum offers variety of programs

Karen Mortensen's car trunk was stuffed with plastic bags for the Battle Ground Food Bank.

Food Bank's

plea answered

     After learning that the local food bank was short of plastic bags for distribution of groceries to clients, club members collected bags of bags for that purpose. With many shoppers now opting to switch to reusable shopping bags, not as many plastic ones have been circulating.

Jenifer Dondero director of READ NW asked for volunteer readers to assist children who are not up to speed in reading proficiency. Several members are interested in participating.

"NEW OUTFITS" Member Leese Pohl went to a used clothing store in Japan with honorary club member, Junko. There, they purchased vintage kimonos for GFWC Battle Ground members Flo, Marsha, new member Sally, club president Johanna, secretary Darlene and Louise Tucker.

75 YEARS! for Camas-Washougal

Left, representing BG was Louise, Johanna, Mary Lee, Paulette and Linda.

Center, bring on the silver!

Right, bring on the brass! Betty, immediate past president, and Susan, current state president.

Also attending was Carlene, past GFWC international president and Martha, past state president.

Summer begins with officer installation, snack bag exchanges, brisk walks and morning treats

Most of last year's officers will serve again in 2023-24, except for Mary Lee, who was elected to fill the vacancy of treasurer. At the June 8 end-of -year casual meeting, members enjoyed the game of "stealing" brown paper bags containing  afternoon snacks. Summer gatherings will be held each Thursday with 9 a.m. one-mile walks followed by 9:30 coffee and home-baked pastries,  courtesy of President Johanna.

Pictured are: Gayle, Nancy, Marla, Gloria, Wendy, Mary, Mary Lee, Karen and Cindi.

Cindi and Johanna helped "Stuff the Bus" with back-to-school necessities for students August 27. Assisting the Battle Ground Education Foundation in collecting community donations has become an annual club project. The community has been very generous with their giving to ensure that student have the supplies they need. Collection sites were Walmart and Fred Meyer.

Students provided back-to-school needs

Paulette, Karen and Johanna prepare pinwheels to give to kids at National Night Out on August 1st. Pinwheels are a symbol of a child's joyful life without abuse, part of GFWC's emphasis on awareness and prevention of domestic violence.

Club has booth at city's summer safety event

Linda Gellings and Colleen O'Neal, longtime leaders in the Battle Ground Education Foundation, point to the type of live-saving equipment the organization is furnishing to school buildings throughout the district.  GFWC-Battle Ground's first meeting of the club year was an ideal time for the pair to review the many benefits to the community offered through BGEF. The GFWC club strongly supports the Family and Community Resource Center, which operates under the umbrella of BGEF.

The foundation is revving up to its fall fundraisers, including online and live auctions.

How can a year's work toward a booklet detailing the early history of Battle Ground Lake be squeezed into a tiny thumb drive? Louise Tucker, right, project chairman, hands the "magic" to Kendra  Laratta, owner of Ink Ability. Laratta will transform the prose and photos into a fifty-page, durably-bound booklet. . Watch for the booklet's availability to the public.

GFWC, women's community service club, begins year with printing of BG Lake history and review of BGEF's needed assistance to kids and their families.

   GFWC-Battle Ground continues to make "Birthday Bags" for the Family and Community Resource Center. Wendy McDaniel and Mary Eastman displayed the variety of products that will provide for happier birthdays for less fortunate children in three age groups.

   The club budgeted $50 for the Day of Service on September 30 to buy food that kids can use in their lunches. Paulette Stinson and Gloria Walck were the shoppers for the products. The local food bank will oversee the distribution. The club also gave the food bank a number of colorful handmake tote bags.

Speaker at GFWC's September 28 meeting was Master Composter, Pete Dubois, who told the group all about the benefits of composting as one way to recycle and at the same time have a positive effect on climate change. A simple compost pile or red worm composting can cut down Clark County's 44,000 tons of fruits and vegetables that end up in a landfill each year.

Composting workshops are offered. Go to the website of  Clark County Public Health.

BGEF gets help

These four GFWC-Battle Ground members pitched in to set up the Battle Ground Community Center in preparation for the annual BGEF dinner and live auction, "Destination Graduation"  fundraiser on October 7.

Left to right,  are Winnie Martin, Johanna Hyatt, Marla Polos and Gayle Martinson.

NAMI Servises Explained

On October 12 Kim Schneiderman, Executive Director of the Southwest Washington Region, of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), gave an enlightening overview of the services available for people with mental health issues and their families and friends. NAMI's goals are to educate, support,  advocate and spread awareness about mental health. She said, "It is important to treat persons dealing with mental health disorders with dignity and compassion."

To find out more go to: info@namiswwa.org or call (360) 695-2823.

BG sends delegation of 9 to Columbia District Conference

Above, standing, are club president Johanna Hyatt, Gayle Martinson, district vice president (and newest member in this club) Linda Harms, district secretary Wendy McDaniel, Nancy Lee, environment chairman Mary Lee Miller, and district president Paulette Stinson. Sitting are Winnie Martin and Marla Polos.

President Paulette ran the meeting with finesse and her leadership skills..

Mary Lee gave tips on caring for the environment.

Johanna enlightened with Education and Library information.

Linda, in red, is new to the GFWC-Battle Ground, but not to Columbia District for whom she has served as president. She ws initiated Oct. 26.

Sally, in black, sees joining a GFWC club as a way to help others. She was initiated on Nov. 9. The formal ceremony was given by club membership chairman, Louise.

Linda Harms and Sally Riser are club's newest members

Both women now have a complete member toolbox which includes an "everlasting" club flower (yellow carnation), a "girlie" goblet to remind her of GFWC friendship, a GFWC magnetic badge and club history paper. They already had a member yearbook, a GFWC member pin and Ladybug Bazaar  handbook.

Louise and Linda's friendship started when Linda's mother, Martha Smith, was the GFWC-Washington State president and Louise was her administrative secretary.

Club women continue   support of Fisher House

Club members sewed 30 tote bags from donated fabric, then filled them with a variety of personal needs such as lotions and shampoo and other traveling vet families might need.

On Nov. 9 Club president, Johanna, Columbia district president, Paulette, and new member, Sally, get ready to fill the totes.

Dawn, Fisher House receptionist, gratefully accepts the donation taken to the facility by Johanna on Nov. 10th.

Setting up



we go!

Here they come

"Nothing on it?," asks Marla, the bazaar's snack bar chairman and volunteer coordinator.

Prices are kept reasonable

Another successful Ladybug Bazaar! More info under "What We Do"

History book proves to be rousing success

Battle Ground Lake was not always a pristine state park. For over 50 years it was a lively resort that was frequented by local and regional residents. GFWC-Battle Ground voted to document those years of entertainment, good food, swimming lessons and all its other activities. Soon, with input from over 100 participants, the project morphed into a 50-page booklet. Although the original purpose was not to make money, it ended up being one.

A book-signing event was the introduction of the booklet to the community. The turnout was amazing to the book store owner as well as to the club members. Over 100 booklets were sold at the event and another 100 at the Ladybug Bazaar. Literary Leftovers, the site of the book-signing, continues to sell the books for the club. The book store is in the Wilco parking area, next to Old Town Burgers.

Christmas Party 2023! A time to celebrate! A time to get to better know club sisters! A time for sugar! A time for silly gifts!

(Upper left) Nineteen club members gathered for the annual Christmas party. This year Gloria Walck was the hostess at her lovely home.

Attending were (back row) Linda Harms, Marsha ..., Bev Brissler, Marla Polos, Nancy Lee, Linda Worden, Gayle Martinson, Leese Pohl, Johanna Hyatt and Mary Lee Miller. (Front row, on sofa) Louise Tucker, Joyce Lewis, ... Mary East.., Darlene A.., Karen Mortensen and Gloria Walck. (Sitting on floor) Paulette Stinson and Cindi Price.

(Upper right) What an array of yummies (and a few healthy items) were brought to the party.

Lots of variety in the "white elephant" gifts. Johanna opened the first one -- a flamingo dressed as Santa. Paulette is a little leary.

Mary Lee and Joyce share a joke and memory while Marsha and Darlene are entertained by Gloria's pup.

   Sharon Brown, president of the League of Women Voters Clark County, shared the mission of the group and the many ways in which citizens can receive information to be informed before an election.

   The group is vevy active in promoting registrations and informing voters about candidates and issues.

   Not all states offer  the ease of voting and assurance of accuracy that Washington state's election process puts forth.

   The group stages candidate forums, maintains detailed lists of candidates personalized to one's voting districts and provides contact information for anyone online by request.

   For more information go to https://lwvclarkcounty.org.

Members learn about elections from local LWV officer

Next Election:

Feb. 13

Battle Ground School District


On Jan. 11, Sammy Salgado, Waste Connections spokesperson,  enthusiastically reviewed which specific items can be recycled and which cannot. Items that cannot be recycled end up in the landfill.

She stressed the importance of observing the safety rules set forth by the company. Human hands sort the items as travel down a long conveyor belt. Anything sharp is a hazard to the workers.

She encouraged customers to go on their website to seek answers to any questions if unsure about how to recycle certain items. If going online does not seem clear, call the Waste Connections office for clarification.

Mary Lee Miller, Johanna Hyatt And Darlene Angelatos delivered practical items for veterans' families to use when staying at the Fisher House in Vancouver. The house operates much like the Ronald McDonald House does for families with children with cancer. In addition,

Items included: 5 bed quilts, 48 K-cups, a $50 Fred Meyer gift card, $50 Wal-Mart card and 5 comfort bags. The box that appears to be donuts, really holds the K-cups! Not in the photo are "James,"  new director of the hospitality facility and "Calvin," who greeted the members at the door on Jan.12.

Also on that day, Darlene brought 58 quilted placemats to Meals on Wheels from the Clark County Quilters of which she is a member.

GFWC Serves Veterans with practical gifts

Waste? Recycle?

February presentations successful

At gatherings of Fairway Village and Daughters of Washington Pioneers, Louise Tucker told why and how the booklet, "Battle Ground Lake Before It Became a State Park," was published. Several books were purchased.


On Thursday afternoon, Feb. 8, the club's guest speaker was Laurie Hansen who told about the many types of scams out there using many techniques to get information from us that enables them to raid your financial assets.

She provided a folder with information on how to recognize scams and what can be done to nip them in the bug. Several members shared their experiences with scam encounters. identifying the scanners methods. The best advice: Don't open anything in emails that looks fishy.

Feb. 22 . . . Junko Furuya, a special Japanese member, showed, step by step, how to use fabric squares to wrap gifts, party bottles and elegant everyday bags. Junko is a longtime friend of Leese, right, who often visits her in the USA and "her" GFWC Battle Ground club.

2/22 . . .Outdated flower and vegetable seeds were given freely to fellow club members. Member Sally Riser had an "in" with a seed company.

2/22 . . . Marlene Dellsy was initiated into club membership by Louise Tucker, club membership chairman. Marlene became familiar with the club and its focus on volunteering when she was guest speaker from NatureScape.

3/14 . . .  President Johanna initiated Barbara Lowrie and Dorothy Lyon into membership of GFWC Battle Ground. The club has grown to 27 women dedicated to "Living the Volunteer Spirit!"

     Dorothy learned about GFWC from Marsha Gregor and Barbara, recently retired, became aware of us through a friend who participates in the Ladybug Bazaar.

3/14 . . . Guest speaker, Kasey Frazier, explained the benefits of S.A.L.T., Seniors and Law Enforcement Together, a community outreach program of the Clark County Sheriff's office. Meetings and newsletters address livability  concerns of seniors. She also told of other helpful programs in which seniors can participate.

2/26 . . . Kids in the Prince of Peace church preschool, where the club meets, were surprised with the gift of book bags containing books for them to take home. Amanda, the director of the school, several years ago had been one of the club's scholarship winners and went on to win more education dollars from GFWC-WS. In the back are the presenters, Mary Lee Miller, Marsha Gregor, club president Johanna Hyatt and Wendy McDaniels.


3/6 . . . The Hockinson Silver Seniors advertised our presentation of the Lake history book with flyers placed in strategic locations.

3/4 . . . Alecia Smith, city public information officer, shows the booklet given at the council meeting. Here she chat in the hallway with Louise and Johanna.


3/4 . . Louise Tucker, chairman of the recent publication relating the local history of Battle Ground Lake, and Johanna Hyatt, club president, presented three copies of the book to the Battle Ground City Council, specifically, to the mayor, city manager and public relations officer.

3/14 . . . What's in those bags? Spuds, of course, 'cause soon it will be St. Patrick's Day. There's nothing more symbolic than potatoes to remember the Irish and their struggles during the Irish potato famine.

     Five members donated 62 pounds of spuds which were taken to the North County Community Food Bank. Donors were Linda Worden, Dorothy Lyon, Cindi Pike, Nancy Lee and Marsha Gregor. Donor not in the photo was Paulette Stinson.

A beautiful, reusable, finished shopping bag or handbag.

Leese Pohl demonstrated how to make reusable designer shopping bags by inserting recycled wooden bars. Making fabric bags was once popular in Japan and is now gaining popularity again.

Clubs brought baskets for a fundraiser which reaped $291 for the district coffers.

In addition, the district'a half of the 50-50 pot was $134.50.

To prevent Jeanette from installing herself, outgoing district president, Paulette Stinson, assisted with the installation of the district's newly elected officers. Jeanette is now officially the treasurer; Johanna Hyatt, secretary; Linda Harms, vice-president; and Carol Styles, president. Paulette has served four terms as president during her "GFWC Career."

Carol Styles, member of GFWC Camas-Washougal, was welcomed by this lineup of past district presidents.They were positioned  stood according to the dates they served. Starting with Bonnie Walden (1982-1984, far right) each past president handed the Columbia District president's pin and gavel to the next in line until reaching the newly installed current president, Carol. Past presidents in attendance: Linda Harms, Paulette Stinson, Lois Swanstrom, Louise Tucker, Jeanette Jester, JoAnn Prestegard and Bonnie.

GFWC-WS president, Susan Tyler, spoke to the conference attendees with enthusiasm and heart as she told about GFWC activities on the state level.

    She received several gifts, including this wall hanging from GFWC Battle Ground. It was made for her by the club president, Johanna Hyatt.

Johanna Hyatt and Mary Lee Miller were two of the 12 chairmen who gave recognition to clubs who reported their top community service projects. Attendees absorb new ideas for their clubs. It is often overheard:  "We could do that" or "We never thought of doing that."

For five members, this was the first district conference they have attended. GFWC Vista recognized them.

Handmade flowers, paper doilies and pastel colors gave  hope that spring is just around the corner.

Louise Tucker, district parliamentary advisor, was the  self-appointed photographer of the day.

That must have been a good joke!

Jeanette Jester, left,  has worn many hats in GFWC at all levels and is currently running for state treasurer. Seated beside her is Carol Styles, 2024-2026 Columbia District president. Standing behind Carol is Kim Skagen, the next state president, whose term will begin after installation at the state convention in April.

Paulette Stinson, now past president of Columbia District, has been an inspirational, active member on all GFWC levels. Caroline Walton gave her an "outgoing gift" of a red rose pin from GFWC Cathlamet and from GFWC Battle Ground (her home club) she received a handmade, quilted table topper made by club president, Johanna Hyatt.

These three ladies are members of GFWC Cathlamet, the club that hosted the conference. Their club is to be commended for the lovely decor and lunch! On the left is Margaret Glazer, then Cheryl Tutka and JoAnn Prestegard. Thirty-five women attended the conference. Cheryl is a new member and one of the "district conference first-timers."

Mary Lee Miller, right, illustrated the importance of reporting club activities to district and state chairmen, who in turn, report to GFWC Headquarters. Statistical  calculations demonstrate to sponsors that GFWC is worthy of their investments.

Kim Skagen will be installed as the 2024-2026 state president of GFWC at the upcoming convention in Poulsbo on April 18 - 21. She shared some of her future expectations. GFWC offers excellent "OTJ" leadership training.

Cindy Bassage, who will become GFWC-WS president-elect also attended the conference. Unfortunately, no photos of her  turned out satisfactorily.

Columbia District holds Spring Conference in Cathlamet

Scholarships discussed

Monday, March 25. A scholarship committee meeting was held at the home of Leese Pohl. Discussion centered around improvement of the application form, compliance with GFWC-WS applications, additional techniques for reaching out to potential applicants.

Present were Gloria Walck, Johanna Hyatt, Louise Tucker (observer), Paulette Stinson and Mary Eastwood, The empty chair was for Leese, who snapped the photo.

April is Pinwheel Time

Here they are, farmers all in a row, ready to "plant" pinwheels along a busy street to alert drivers of the importance of "weeding out" child abuse. Holding the Burma Shave-type signs are Dorothy Lyon, Paulette Stinson, Linda Harms, Scarlet (Paulette's Granddaughter), Johanna Hyatt, Barbara Lowrie and Karen Mortensen.

     Ready .....                        Set.....                                   Go!

GFWC Adopts New Logos

GFWC has adopted two new logos, one vertical with the round shield on the top as shown and one horizontal with the round shield on the left.

Three BG Women Attend GFWC State Convention in Poulsbo

Dogs - Libraries - Money

Left: Cat Eldridge, Air Force veteran, received $200 from GFWC-Battle Ground to pay for her intense five-week training program in the Northwest Battle Buddies companion dog program. NWBB matches veterans to dogs who assist their owners in combatting chronic fatigue syndrome. For Cat and her one-and-one-half-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever, "Ally," it was love at first sight. Cat served in Alaska and will make her permanent home in Alabama -- quite a switch!

Above: Holland Christie, branch manager of the Battle Ground Community Library, recently  spoke to the GFWC club about often overlooked activities and resources provided by today's libraries. Here are a few samples she showed member Mary Eastman.

Right: GFWC-Battle Ground's new workbook, "I'm Gone, Here's the Plan," is for individuals who want to be sure their arrangements and wishes are carried out with the least amount of hassle for those left behind. Included are samples, such as: Who should have access to your computer and its passwords? Where are they? The booklet is a service as well as a fundraiser. Pictured are two of the committee members who developed the booklet, Cindi Pike and Wendy McDaniel, who are showing the book and some of the profits.

Winning art pieces were displayed by a walk-through in the assembly.


March 16, 2024

Hostess Club:

GFWC Cathlamet

24-26 GFWC Washington State Board of Directors

April 18-21, Poulsbo, Washington -- Attending the annual convention of GFWC-Washington State were Paulette Stinson, Columbia District President; Johanna Hyatt, club president; and Linda Harms, Past Columbia District President.

At the convention, Paulette was elected as the state organization's vice president. Others now on the state board are: Janette Jester, treasurer; Nancy Jones, secretary;  Cindy Bassage, president-elect; and Kim Skagen, president.Below, GFWC (international) Secretary, Mary Beth Williams, (in red), installed the officers.

Club president Johanna Hyatt proudly shows one of the service project first place award certificates. Honors were won for being a "Mark of Excellence" club and various other service project areas.

A $2,000 scholarship was won to be given to the club's entry in the GFWC state.

Art by Johanna Hyatt and Louise Tucker earned them prize money --  Johanna for the best quilt in the contest and Louise for three winning photos.

At the first meeting after convention, Paulette Stinson received a surprise gift from the club to celebrate the honor of her being chosen as "Clubwoman of the Year" among all GFWC volunteers in the state. The gift was a quilted coverlet sewn by Johanna. The gift-wrapping was a reusable fabric, folded as per Japanese tradition, a skill members recently learned from

Johanna Hyatt and Paulette Stinson brought home the coveted charlotte Gyllenburg traveling silver tray award for the best project among all clubs in the state. Louise Tucker, left, was chairman of the winning project, the published history booklet about Battle Ground Lake State Park. The award was first given in 1953 to a club in Omak, Washington.

Paulette, new state vice president, shared the podium with new state president,Kim Skagen.

Re-register on New Portal

GFWC has a new portal and members are advised to sign in anew in order to use it.

Living the Volunteer Spirit

Five Members Honor Tell of the Brave Women Who Fought for Our Voting Rights  

  Each of five readers told of a specific crusader, her style of leadership and her contributions to  the saga that ultimately lead to our voting rights. At far left is Mary Lee Miller, writer of the skit; Wendy McDaniel; Paulette Stinson, Gloria Walck; and Johanna Hyatt, creator of the props.

Dentist uses mobile clinic to share medical expertise to those who suffer from lack of dental care

On May 23 Nathalia Sakun explained her use of a mobile clinic to meet the needs of patients in nursing facilties and even private homes. The unit contains everything needed to carry out her goal of bringing dental care to as many people as possible. It contains all the equipment needed for fillings and extractions and she has the skill to make dentures if needed. The unit even has an Xray machine.

She has been a practicing dentist in Ukrain and locally at Battle Ground Health Care (near the Cinema). Although now a US Citizen, she grew up in Ukraine before the war years and left her homeland at age 21 to study dentistry.

Three GFWC-Battle Ground members sell popular books

Three members attended the May 20-21 state convention of the Daughters of Pioneers of Washington in Vancouver where they sold "Peace Wins" for the Friends of the Battle Ground Library, "I'm Gone...Here's the Plan," and "Battle Ground Lake Before Becoming a State Park.

Sales ladies were Nancy Lee, Louise Tucker and Gayle Martinson. Kathy Box, far right, sold her book which relates the story of her ancestors' trip West via the Oregon Trail in the 1840's.

Linda Harms, center,  joined a group who learned how to paint rocks for "hide and seek" and randomly spread joy.