Welcome to GFWC-Battle Ground

General Federation of Women’s Clubs

Just Remember: "Good Friends Who Care”

Attention: Due to the 'Covid 19' Pandemic, activities and events are subject to revision or cancellation!

How Can I Join the ACTION?

What will the club do for me?

Belonging to GFWC Battle Ground will give you an opportunity to take part in your community, to learn more about your community, to give you the opportunity to practice leadership skills, and perhaps most importantly, to build lifetime friendships. We are all different so the GFWC motto is “Unity in Diversity” is very appropriate. Within the club we refer to ourselves as Good Friends Who Care!

Does the club really want new members?

Yes. Club members want your ideas, your smile, and your friendship. The more hands we have working together, the more our club can assist the community.

How much is involved in joining?

Attend a meeting, get to know members to determine if the club is for you, then pay $50 a year. There is no initiation fee. Annual club dues include a subscription to the international GFWC Clubwoman magazine and Washington Clubwoman online newsletter, international dues and state and district dues.

How do I contact the club if I am interested in becoming a member or have a specific question?

Write to the following address and someone will call you:

GFWC - Battle Ground

P.O. Box 871

Battle Ground, WA 98604-0871

Or telephone

360-687-3619 and ask for Louise, Membership Chairman.

Or e-mail

Louise at: blt@pacifier.com.

Or be on our Friends List

Call or e-mail Louise to be on our club’s list of e-mail Friends of GFWC Battle Ground. We will keep you abreast of the clubs events and notices.