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Attention: Due to the 'Covid 19' Pandemic, activities and events are subject to revision or cancellation!


GFWC Nationwide Community Service Totals - 2020

(Calendar Year - Latest Available Data)

                              Number of Projects:        74,702     

                              Volunteer Hours:        3,640,336

                              Club Dollars Donated:  $9,412,210

                              In-Kind Donations:     $6,775,312

GFWC-Battle Ground Totals - 2021

(Calendar Year)

                              Number of Projects:           69

                              Volunteer Hours:           2,393

                              Club Dollars Donated:     $2,288

                              In-Kind donations:        $6,140


-- President's Overview of the Most Recent Club Year --

President's Year End Letter - June 10, 2021

     GFWC-Battle Ground’s 2020-2021 year turned out to be one of "firsts".  The first year of no "in person" meetings.  The first year to hold district conferences and the state convention via ZOOM.  The first year that the Ladybug Bazaar could not be held.  2020-2021 also had Club members experiencing a world-wide pandemic for the first time ever.  Sheltering-in-place, mask wearing, and drastically altered social lives were also firsts.  In other words, 2020-2021 was one for the record books!  However, being strong, resilient, and flexible women, members of GFWC-BG have weathered it all through compassion, humor, and a true sense of volunteerism.  Through it all, the Club has continued to support each other and the Battle Ground community.

     That being said, what did GFWC-BG accomplish this past year?

     1.  In lieu of meetings, "Adjusted Agendas" were emailed out each month.  These followed the basic format of a regular meeting agenda with additional information provided by the Community Service Project chairmen and the President.  These agendas offered the members a way to stay informed and connected to GFWC.

     2.  Tailgate events were instigated in September 2020.  These involved the use of the President's car in order to collect donations and provide a chance to socialize with fellow members.  Between September and May, GFWC-BG collected kids' clothing for the Family Community Resource Center; received various items for the Birthday Bag Project; and gathered non-perishable foods and pounds of potatoes for the North County Community Food Bank.  On average 12-15 members would drop by to re-connect with their GFWC-BG friends and commiserate about COVID-19 issues.  As the year progressed, and despite the unpredictable weather conditions, members showed up to contribute to the Battle Ground community.  One of the best Tailgates was for Martin Luther King's Day of Service when the Club held a "Souper Bowl" event and gathered 242 soup products for the BG Food Bank.  The Reflector newspaper even covered our efforts in their February 3, 2021 issue.

     3.  Of course, what Tailgate would be complete without a special treat for the dedicated members who participated?  The President had to dust off her creative brain cells in order to figure out thematic goodies for each event.  Cookies, pumpkins, Christmas stockings, heart-shaped baskets, bunny garlands, and pinwheels were just a few of the hand-outs provided.

     4.  Business-wise, GFWC-BG accomplished quite a lot in spite of the shut-down.  Besides collecting for FCRC and NCCFB, the Cork Project began in September and has continued to send boxes of wine corks off to Texas in order to support clean oceans and sustainable forests.  Through the Birthday Bag project, the planting of a Pinwheel Garden, and greeting cards for St. Judes' Ranch, the Club continues to advocate for children.  A slate of officers for the upcoming year was voted upon, and a new Budget for 2021-2022 was passed.  Members attended both Fall and Spring District of Columbia Conferences, as well as the WS Convention, via ZOOM.  The annual Reports were written and submitted by the department chairmen, and GFWC-BG received recognition awards in many categories for all that the Club had accomplished last year.  GFWC-BG was also awarded a $739.00 Tourism Grant from the City of Battle Ground for advertising expenses at (hopefully) the 2021 Ladybug Bazaar.  Revisions to the Bylaws occurred, too.  All the Club's required expenditures were paid and there are enough funds available for the upcoming 2021-2022 fiscal year which will begin on July 1.

     The Executive Board will be meeting over the summer months in order to begin planning for the upcoming Club year.  Perhaps if all goes well, we can return to our normal meeting days and, once again, start scheduling programs and activities.  I know this last year has been a trying one for us all.  However, your continued support and involvement has provided the motivation to forge ahead.  I appreciate each and every one of you, and through your spirit of volunteerism, you allow our Club to benefit this community and beyond.

GFWC Serves Locally and Beyond

How doe$ the club choo$e to $pend money

from it$ fundrai$er$?

Most expenditures come from profits from the Ladybug Bazaar.

Money is spent on projects within GFWC's five community service programs.

Clubs choose their own projects according to needs and practicality.

The 5 GFWC Community Service Programs

and examples of a few of this club's choices

• Arts & Culture

     The Ladybug Bazaar is an arts and crafts event. Vendors may sell only hand-crafted items and reside within the county. In this way the club provides a venue for local artisans to showcase their creativity and shoppers appreciate the quality and array of wares.

• Civic Engagement

     Members become aware of community issues and invite local speakers to share the community's stories. Members sign up for GFWC's Legislative Hotline offering connections to national politicians for citizen input on issues.

• Education and Libraries

     The club built and maintains a registered Little Free Library and is a member of Friends of the Library. The club supports student achievements and gives an annual scholarship to a high school senior girl.

• Environment

     Club members practice environmental stewardship and has donated to a local botanical garden operated by volunteers.

• Health and Wellness

     Support is given to the local Food Bank and members have individual fitness programs. Donations are made to national and worldwide health organizations such as CARE, Shot@Life and Relay for Life.

In addition to the five programs GFWC has a national ongoing Signature Project:

• Domestic Violence and Sex Violence Awareness and Prevention

     This year GFWC-Battle Ground planted its second "Pinwheels for Prevention" pinwheel garden to bring awareness to child abuse.